Two contributors to Christianity Is Not Great in interview

Myself, Jonathan MS Pearce, and author James A. Lindsay were both involved in contributing chapters to John's recent excellent addition to his growing number of titles. Last night I interviewed James on the subject of his second book, Dot, Dot, Dot Infinity Plus God Equals Folly. His book looks from a mathematical and philosophical angle of the notion of infinity and sees how well it fares in being applied, as is often the case, to God. Problems for the God-idea ensue. Well worth reading, the book features a foreword from the late, great Vic Stenger. During the interview, we get on to the subject of CING and touch on different atheistic ideas and areas of religion, including the psychology of religion.

Apologies for the sound quality in a couple of parts.

I would be interested to hear your reader views on infinity, and perhaps James can come on and answer with his great knowledge on the subject. Can God have infinite wisdom/knowledge/power etc.?