Meet brmckay: A Religious Philosophical Bullshitter Trying to Reinvent God

I can be quite foolish at times.
Theists come in many forms and this blog has had some great examples in the classic sense of the word.  But in all honestly, I have never come across a man who could twist the semantics of the English language in such a way the after reading almost one-hundred of his comments on different blogs (mostly under those supporting atheism), neither I nor most anyone he engages with have yet to understand his philosophical bullshit.  If you need some examples, simply click on his Disqus Profile, then under Recent Activity, read a dozen or so of his ramblings for yourself or (better yet) read some of the responses from people he engages with who keep asking what he's trying to express.  

He showed up at DC defending the Dalai Lama from my post by psychoanalyzing of my mental state at the time I wrote the post:

 “It seems to me, that the choir you are singing with is as bent as any other. Your rant nothing more than neurosis staring in the mirror.  You loath a certain type of individual, and certainly don't want anyone to notice that they are kin.  If I assert this as fact, then I am misguided, but is it true?  

The Dalai Lama on the other hand, remains a superior authority than you on Buddhist practice and insight. That being his life's work. It is you that assumes he is a fool because it would be inconvenient if he weren't.”  Link

(Could someone please tell me what this garbled lecture is about; specifically in relation to my post on the Dalia Lama?) 

Notice that when forced away from his illusive theistic semantics, his bitching has basically nothing to with my post on the Dalia Lama (It appears he never read it), but his comment is little more than a knee-jerk reaction to the title making as much sense as does his endless ramblings on philosophical theism found on numerous blogs.

Below I’m going to let brmckay express himself express himself in twelve comments and ask you to tell me what the hell this man is talking about.  Let's get started:

It appears brmckay thinks there is a God:
Declaring that "God is Dead", absurd or doesn't exist, is just more of the same-old-same-old with a different mask.”  Link 

Then it appears brmckay doesn’t believe in God:
Just to be a little more clear. I use the term "God" for what I consider good reasons. I also find it absurd to think of "God" as supernatural.”  Link

Then brmkay contradicts his theistic logic:
Making a god out of reason is to hobble ourselves past recognition. Link

Wait! It appears brmkay does believe in God after all:
Robots don't need to know God. Man is fool if he doesn't try.”  Link

Sorry, it now appears he doesn't:
Yes, nature is a good starting point. All speculation of "supernatural" is just silly. The real thing already extends to the horizon and beyond.”  Link

At times brmckay bases his theology on a Biblical Jesus who thinks the way he (brmckay) does:
The question is: What is "sin"?  The answer is simple: Not knowing that we are One in God. It is the trance of relativity.  Jesus was not asking you to memorize a list of good and bad deeds.  He was showing you the way not to sin. i.e. knowing God as yourself. (and I don't mean, pretending it were so.)”  Link

If anyone believes the Bible at face value, he or she is a "emotional" Fundamentalist: 
"My experience with these conversations is that like a fundamentalist Christian, the fundamentalist Atheist quickly leaves rationality behind in favour of emotional thinking."  Link

brmckay explains his God to an atheist on a blog:
The thing is, that as an atheist you would like to relegate my non-atheist frame of reference to the nursery.  But your definition of the term God remains stubbornly primitive. This I suppose benefits you in some way.  Just so you know, I do equate God to Reality.   Link 

Oddly, brmckay’s logic allows proving a negative with a negative:
 God is the Entirety. Nothing is not God. Nothing is outside of God.”  Link

Here’s how brmckay understands monotheism:
Why is it so hard for people to approach Singularity? Or, it's stand-in Entirety. It is the same problem we have with God. We insist he has a beard. So all the beardless ones must be false.  Or because some gods have beards and some don't, there is no God. //  I find this well worth looking into.”  Link

Here's a prime example of brmckay's logic and tell me what the hell this man said?
There is "Theology" and there is "Realization".  Death doesn't have much to do with it.  Once one realizes that death is not real.”  Link

Finally, brmckay offer us his best self-evaluation:

I can be quite foolish at times.”  Link