WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?

One of the major reasons Christianity should be rejected is in its daily reality and application.  Believers are instructed in the New Testament (especially by Jesus himself in the Gospels), that Christians should offer the attacking person the other side of their face (Matt. 5: 39 = Luke 6: 29) and if a believer is sued for their shirt, he or she should give them their coat too (Matt. 4: 40 = Luke 6: 29); but these points follow as closing statements to Jesus’ master ethical sermon on Christian practicality commonly known as The Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 4: 24 – 5: 2 = Mark 3: 7 – 13 = Luke 6: 17 – 20a).  In short, Christians are to have Jesus Christ as their example.
Before you watch this real life video, I would ask believers to apply the totality of Jesus’ Gospel teachings in handling this person’s misunderstanding this past Christmas Day at a MacDonalds.  If your response would be to “Call the police!” then I must ask where in either the Gospels or Paul’s letters can you support this (secular) action? Now watch this real life video and ask yourself WWJD?