Bob Jones University: Using Science to Prove the Bible

Bob Jones University Seal
While many conservative Christian schools require a affirmation of faith in the Bible, Bob Jones University carries this process one step further by having two of their science professors offer an apologetic defense of the Bible . . . something one would expect of their mentally programmed Bible Faculty (one cannot teach religion at BJU with a degree in Christian studies from another institution.  If you want proof, then checkout their Faculty – Division of Bible and Seminary and Graduate School of Religion.)    

 In order to teach in the Science Department at BJU, all professors are required to sign a yearly statement of faith which includes affirming the following dogmas.

An Affirmation of Biblical Creation at Bob Jones University

1. Bob Jones University believes the account of origins in Genesis is a factual narrative of historical events; that is, God created the universe, including all original kinds of living organisms (including man) in six literal days.
2. We believe the genealogies recorded in Genesis 5 and 11 indicate a date for the creation week less than ten thousand years ago.
3. We believe the fall of man into sin and the consequent curse of God recorded in Genesis 3 had profoundly negative consequences for all of creation including the introduction of death (I Corinthians 15:21).
4. We believe the flood described in Genesis 6-8 was a historical event of approximately a year’s duration, which was global in extent and biologically and geologically catastrophic in effect.
This position is enforced by two of their top science professors in the site’s video:

Dr. Steve Figard
·         PhD, Biochemistry, Florida State University
·         MS, Chemistry, Northern Illinois University
·         BA, Biological Sciences, Cornell University


Dr. Vincenzo Antignani
·         PhD, Agrobiology & Agrochemistry, University of Naples Federico II
·         MS, Plant Production & Pathology, University of Naples Federico II
·         BS, Plant Production, University of Naples Federico II

(Of course, Bob Jones University is accredited, but only by the little known Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools which is listed as accrediting 63 schools world wide as compared to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which accredits over 13,000 public and private educational institutions in the southern United States.)