All You Need to Know About The Shroud of Turin But Were Afraid To Ask

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Let's have done with this nonsense shall we? The Shroud of Turin is a fake, okay? It's a fake.

To see this for what it really is just consider the many other supposed sacred relics. The Christianized medieval world was filled with them. Bones, heads, bodies, skin, and fingernails were produced, faked, bought and stolen because they were highly revered. Producing preserving promoting and presenting sacred relics to the populace was a cottage industry for the medieval Church. To climb up high on the religious prestige ladder was to have one. The more important the relic the more important the church who had it. Crowds came from around the known world to venerate these relics. They brought with them their donations. Why, you could build a cathedral with one of them! So you had to have one. A sacred relic meant a lot of power, prestige and paychecks.

Here are the top ten Christian relics. Sacred relics included St. Peter's bones, Mark's body, John the Baptist's head, along with other bones, bodies, heads, fingers and tongues. There was Mary's holy belt, the tunic of the virgin Mary, the chains of Peter, and many many more.

My all time favorite relic is the Holy Foreskin, the only piece of the circumcised Jesus believed to be with us today!

Now am I supposed to believe the Shroud of Turin is real when the many other relics are clearly fakes, especially in light of the evidence against the Shroud and the resurrection of Jesus? No, no way, not a chance. End of story.