Jesus Hates You - This I Know; For the Bible Tells Me So!

Where the Bible is proving to be an embarrassment. 
Let’s quickly review Bob Jones University’s past as a God fearing, Bible believing, Christ honoring institution:

  A. The Bible is against race mixing.  Thus, all black and dark skin students will not be allowed to attend any of the BJU schools from kindergarten to graduate school.  Bob Jones, Sr. was an active supporter of the Klu Klux Klan who viewed the Klan as Biblical.  So, “If God is for us, who can be against us?"  (Romans 8: 31) right?  

     B. The Bible is against interracial marriage.  Thus, no student or staff will be retained at BJU who either dates or marries a person of another race.  But wait:  Bob Jones III apologizes on Larry King Live for BJU’s racial past.

       C. The Bible hates gay men (oddly, gay women seemed to have been over looked . . . likely a simple mistake on God’s part).  However, any gay person (male or female) confessing such behavior while a student at BUJ will face immediate expulsion.  But wait:  Gay petition prompts apology from Bob Jones III and yet this is what a God fearing Bob Jones III sounded like just 20 years ago.

Ironically, as a one time Bible believing school, it seems the University sold an over-priced Biblical Pig in a poke for eighty-eight years under the rubric of faith and now it’s time to Eat Crow while the school distances itself from both the Bible and its bigoted God.  

PS:  But wait . . .  it seems Bob Jones IV (Bob Jones' III son) is himself gay!   GOD FORBID !!!!!!!