Three Blurbs for My Newest Book to Be Released in the Fall

Here are three blurbs for my next book to be released in the Fall. It's provocatively titled, "How To Defend The Christian Faith: Advice From an Atheist."


"Loftus is one of the few atheists who actually understands religion. This book displays the knowledge of a Christian theologian as well as rationality of an atheist. Both sides can learn a lot from it." —Dr. David Eller.


"The world has just become a richer place. Who can calculate the added value to our planet when bright, young aspiring apologists decide to redirect their talents and energies to evidence--based careers? Many of them--the ones who sincerely care about truth--will certainly do that after reading the wise counsel in John Loftus' caring and sobering book. How to Defend the Christian Faith is a welcome mutual aid for Apologists Anonymous.” —Dan Barker, author of Life Driven Purpose: How an Atheist Finds Meaning, and Co-President of FFRF.


"I will watch any movie with Denzel Washington in it and I will buy any book written by John Loftus. The former--well, he's just one hell of an actor, and the latter, because he is one hell of a thinker and writer. His mastery of the material shows a depth that most writers simply could never accomplish. This book adds to the body of work being done so eloquently and convincingly by this 'second wave' generation of New Atheists. But even better, it raises the bar on how good scholarship should be done. Kudos to Loftus for another amazing text that will stand the test of time. My advice to readers? Buy it! Read it! Tell others about it, especially those who need it the most--evangelicals and believers who need a dose of objective, reality and science-based reasoning." —Sharon Nichols, retired Assoc. Professor of Geography, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn IL., and former President of the Illinois Geographical Society.