God Hates Counterfeit (False) Religion Even If It's Christianity!

God (just like His Church) Never Changes!
Dear Christian . . . if you thought that faith in Christ alone will get you to Heaven, you haven’t got the whole truth.  Based on what Father Tom told me over the phone (see link belowand from a brochure handed out by the tour guide at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral at this past week’s Greek Festival; you’re screwed, big time! You see, when Jesus made this famous statement in Matthew 16: 18, Jesus assumed the reader knew the context; that he (Jesus) was speaking in Greek on behalf of His Greek Orthodox Church; thus Jesus never meant for his teachings to be perverted by the many false Christianities. 

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What we all need to realize is that Christianity is like the sport of Football . . . where Jesus is synonymous with the football.  So while most everyone loves Football, it’s really about, “Which religious team are you pulling for?!”  I know from experience where I live, that a wrong school pennant on a car during a Clemson / University of South Carolina game can earn car damage should a fan pulling for the opposing team take offense.
Some of you might remember my post here three years ago when Father Tom set me straight: What Would Christianity Have Without Its Myths?
Finally, I know this is true because a revelation was revealed to me as I sat at my desk staring at an icon of Jesus (No matter where in the room I moved; His eye never left me! (LOL)

He's Watching You Too!