On Ridiculing the Ridiculous Ridicule Deniers

The saying at left is an example of ridicule, in case it isn't obvious. The same goes for this post of mine. The saying was submitted by a person named Chris to a committee of three seeking permission to use it on his Facebook page. The members of the committee include Victor Reppert, Jeff Lowder and John Loftus. Reppert demanded this committee should exist and wanted to be on it. He argued that a person who uses ridicule must be able to defend the basis of the ridicule before using it. Lowder cannot recognize some kinds of ridicule and argued it isn't as effective at changing minds as a reasoned debate. Loftus didn't want on this committee but in order to break any deadlock, he begrudgingly agreed under protest.

Let's listen in as they discuss this submitted piece of ridicule.

Loftus: Okay, let this inquisition begin already. [Sighs]

Lowder: I'll begin. Can we actually say the biblical writers didn't know where the sun went at night?

Reppert: Good point. For all we know they did.

Lowder: All they claimed is that the sun moved across the sky from the east to the west.

Reppert: Yes, on the issue of where the sun went at night they were silent.

Loftus: If they knew, then why didn't they say so?

Reppert: The bottom line is that we just don't know for sure.

Loftus: So we have to be sure? Why not think instead exclusively based on the probabilities?

Lowder & Reppert in chorus: Maybe God didn't choose to reveal it at that time?

Loftus: Lowder? Lowder? You too?

Lowder: We also aren't told that the authors who wrote Genesis claimed to have all the answers.

Reppert: True dat! For all we know they only claimed to know what they actually wrote.

Loftus: Come on, this is ridicule based on the belief that biblical writers had all of the important answers to life!

Lowder: Ridicule? This is supposed to be ridicule? I don't see it as funny because the reasoning has flaws.

Reppert: I can see several flaws in it myself. What if the biblical writers didn't intend to be literal?

Loftus: What we know is that many Christians interpret the Bible literally.

Reppert: Well I don't! I alone have the one true correct biblical faith, which has been the one true faith from all eternity. This makes me look bad by lumping me together with the Bible thumpers.

Lowder: Chris, your argument fails. It doesn't specifically address Reppert's faith.

Chris: It isn't an argument guys! It's ridicule. And if it doesn't address Reppert's faith it's based on what many Christians believe. People who agree with it will find it funny.

Reppert: But if you cannot rationally defend the points expressed to my satisfaction you're spreading ignorance about the one true correct biblical faith I alone have, which has been the one true faith from all eternity.

Chris: Perhaps this saying doesn't hit home to you. It does for others. So why won't you embrace it against the Bible thumpers you disagree with?

Reppert: Because my faith is based on the book you're ridiculing and I alone have the one true correct biblical faith, which has been the one true faith from all eternity.

Chris: But the Bible thumpers exist! Why don't we marginalize them in our society since they vote and put into places of power political idiots who control the world?

Reppert: Because my particular faith is based on the book you're ridiculing and I alone have the one true correct biblical faith, which has been the one true faith from all eternity.

Chris: Okay. There's no reasoning with you then. You sound just like Muslims who refuse to categorically condemn Muslim violence in the Middle East in order to protect their own Muslim faith, even though these other sects would condemn them to hell. You're doing the same thing, unwilling to allow the ridiculing of Christian interpretations of the Bible in order to protect your specific faith, even though other Christan sects would condemn you to hell.

Chris: Loftus, how am I doing?

Loftus: You're doing very well! It's as if I had said those very things. But you've upset Reppert, I'm sure.

Reppert: I just think your argument fails. I don't think anyone will laugh. I know I wouldn't.

Loftus: I'm already rolling on the floor laughing. This is funnier than the saying itself.

Lowder: Regardless, this will not change Reppert's mind and THAT'S the point!

Reppert: If it's supposed to change my mind I'm laughing at the thought!

Loftus: Me too!

Lowder: Huh? Chris, this saying provokes laughter after all, who would have guessed? But as a bit of reasoning it's a stupid atheist meme. Ed Brayton would agree with me here.

Loftus: Lowder, have you tried reasoning with Reppert?

Lowder: Yes, many times, for years.

Loftus: And how's that working for ya?

Lowder: Not good at all.

Loftus: Do you know of anything that will change his mind?

Lowder: No.

Loftus: Then why bother? There are some people who cannot be reached. He's beyond reason.

Lowder: I'm not trying to change his mind. I consider myself a fellow traveler on the same road searching for the truth.

Loftus: The road to truth doesn't begin until a person rejects faith-based answers.

Lowder: Who says I don't agree with you?

Loftus: Do you?

Lowder: [Twiddles his thumbs in silence.]

Loftus: Just tell me this, have you reached any conclusions so far?

Lowder: Yes, I'm an atheist.

Loftus: Then you've arrived at some truth. You have rejected faith-based answers.

Lowder: I'm an atheist but I find the search for truth to be interesting, even though I've settled on the most important answer. It makes me look objective and fair even though I'm not. [Whispers in Loftus's ear, "don't tell Christians."]

Loftus: Do you think it's better for people to know the truth, and better for human flourishing in general, to argue with passion for your conclusion?

Lowder: I don't know. I just like the appearance of enjoying the search for truth. I like entertaining new arguments even though I don't think any theistic argument works.

Chris: Hey, everyone, can we get back to the issue? Can I use this saying for my Facebook page, or not?

Lowder: Ridicule doesn't advance the search for truth, no.

Reppert: It's not funny, my vote is no.

Lowder: Oh, this is supposed to be funny? I forgot, sorry.

Loftus: Chris do your own thing. These guys are ignorant and oblivious. If the thought police come to your door again send them my way and I'll give them a swift kick in the butt.

Chris: Thanks. I will.