Christian, Why Do People Disagree?

Chart A
It's a fact we disagree about religion. Just look at these two religious timeline charts. Chart A comes from the Orthodox Church. Chart B comes from the Church of Christ. Chart A shows us the heretical Catholic Church split off from the Orthodox Church, which is the one true Church. Chart B shows us the one true church is really the Church of Christ, all others are heretical ones. These charts can be found for other denominations claiming to represent the one true church, even from the so-called "cults" like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon Church.

We disagree about more than just religion though. People disagree about everything. You name it and there are people who disagree with each other over it. We disagree over important things. We disagree over what things are important enough to disagree about, even as we're disagreeing over unimportant things!

Chart B
Before we can begin to talk about why we disagree over religion, let's talk in general terms. Christian, why do we disagree? Could it really be that anyone who disagrees with you about something, anything, is not being reasonable? Give us a general theory of disagreement. In general, why do we disagree about anything? Is it due to inferior, or superior DNA, or intelligence or knowledge? Is it due to a wide assortment of biological factors, including one's race, gender, sexuality, age, beauty, or sociological factors such as the desire for wealth or power, or how we were raised to believe, or a combination of these and other factors? So Christian, first give us your general theory of disagreement. Then we can talk. Then you can tell us how your theory can account for religious disagreements and why your God will condemn people for not believing correctly.