Did a Historical Gospel Jesus Exist? Two Christian Apologist, Kenneth and honeymonster, Say He Did But on What Evidence?

In a number of my posts I have stood firm that the New Testament, Jesus (Christ), never existed.  I’ve already addressed the evident in several posts:  A.  We Know From Hard Evidence Dinosaurs Existed 66 Million Years Ago Yet We Have No Objective Evidence Jesus Existed Just 2 Thousands Years Ago Here  and  B. Even if the Entire Testimony of Josephus on Jesus is Authentic, It’s Apologetically Worthless  Here  and C. As based on the 4th ed of The Oxford Classical Dictionary which has no entry for either Jesus or any of his Apostles (especially for Peter who Catholics contend was their first Pope) as historical:  For the Fourth Time Jesus Fails to Qualify as a Historical Entry In The Oxford Classical Dictionary Here  

Yet we find two Christian apologists regularly commenting at DC (for the last month) dogmatically affirming the truth of the Bible, that non-theists / atheists don’t understand the evidence or (in the case of honeymonster) are just either too ignorant or confused to know real facts when they see them.
Kenneth, on the other hand (who is a Catholic), believes Church Tradition has got the history right and that those who disagree on a Historical Jesus can be dismissed as members of an uninformed “fringe” group who has not done any real research. 
For believers like Kenneth, Bart Ehrman is their Historical Jesus hero even though Ehrman’s book, Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth has been called the worse book he has written (See: Amazon and read several of the well written one stars reviews Here  As one reviewer summed it up:  “I recommend this book, not because I think Ehrman is right, but because it is an example of how a highly distinguished scholar can get trapped into confusing beliefs for facts.”  Here
Finally, this post will give the folks at DC a chance to see how Christians, driven by a dogmatic faith in the New Testament, distinguish historical reality from creedal faith. 
Well, honeymonster and Kenneth, the comment section is your's, let's see how you prove that a Historical Jesus existed.