"The Evolution Wars Are Here to Stay and Heads Will Continue to Roll."

Jim Stump, a professor at Bethel College in Indiana, resigned over the issue of evolution. As reported by Karl W. Gilberson (who is quoted in the headline),
"the Bethel Board of Trustees on June 9 of this year approved a new policy specifying that college faculty must affirm the same position on Adam and Eve as the Missionary Church, namely that Adam “was created by an immediate act of God and not by a process of evolution.” The new policy further specifies that Bethel faculty should advocate this as the “official, meritorious, and theologically responsible position of the College, without disparagement" LINK.
This reminds me once again of John Schneider's comment on my post titled, "Honest Evangelical Scholarship is a Ruse. There is No Such Thing!" Schneider said, "I agree with John W. Loftus to that extent. There is no such thing. Like Islam, evangelical Christianity cannot survive intellectual honesty and freedom." LINK. This is taking place along with the debate evangelicals are presently having over homosexuality. Must be fun being an evangelical these days. Not!

Nonetheless, evolutionary science and the acceptance of gays and of gay marriages will be the wave of the future. Evangelicals will learn to embrace those views while still claiming to be evangelicals. It will become the new evangelical orthodoxy in the future, as I have predicted. Then amnesia will set in, and future evangelicals will claim that true evangelicals always stood for these things! Their amnesia will provide quite the laugh to the rest of us, because we have already seen it with regard to other views of theirs, such as believing in an eternal conscious torment in hell and an exclusivistic salvation, and standing against both higher biblical criticism and women in leadership roles.