We Are All Atheists! Some Of Us Are More Consistent Than Others

Christian, you are already an atheist, a narrow atheist, who rejects all of the same religions I do for the same reasons I do, except for yours. I simply reject them all, as a wide atheist, for the same reasons you reject all of them but yours.


Why is it so difficult for you to show me and billions of others your faith is correct?

Why is it people who were raised in a particular faith end up defending it as the true one later in life?

Why is it you never seriously considered Hinduism or Judaism or Buddhism or Islam or Polytheism?

What best explains why religions are geographically located into specific regions on the earth?

Do you realize that Muslims have the same exact excuses you use to excuse your God's inaction? Allah is hidden. Infidels don't believe because Allah predestined this, or because they are rebellious, or because devil's have deceived them.

Blair Mullins (On Facebook): Imagine if belief in the cause of dinosaur extinction worked the way religion does.

-Scientists who were born and raised in the south believe asteroids killed them off.
-Scientists born in the north believe it was a gigantic volcano eruption.
-Scientists born in Asia believe it was a plague.
-Scientists born in Europe believe it was an ice age that wiped them out.

We would all immediately recognize the absurdness of this… But for some reason change the topic from dinosaur extinction to religion and somehow people deem it reasonable… Go figure!