I've Set Up A Patreon Account for Donating

There are people who desire to payback when helped. I suspect some of you feel this urge so I've created an Patreon account to donate for the writing this site offers on a daily basis. If we have helped you and you wish to see more and more content, here is your chance. Now I'm a novice at this so be patient as I learn how to better the Patreon page. If you cannot donate through Patreon you can always send a donation via PayPal to loftusjohnw@gmail.com. I'd love to raise up a few hundred people who would donate $5 per month (you can set it up automatically on Patreon or Paypal). Just ask yourself how much have you've been helped by what we do here at DC, then donate appropriately. Share the love. I sincerely thank my readers and commenters for encouraging me for nearly ten years to write and write and write. There have been times I wanted to quit but your encouragement kept me writing. Some of you have encouraged me by saying what I do is unique and powerful, and that few people, if anyone, is doing what I'm doing. I appreciate that and will write for as long as I'm encouraged to do so. So please encourage me by donating. I'd like to do this as a part-time job, so visit my Patreon Page if you'd be so kind. [If that link doesn't work someone tell me].