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First a quote that started some discussion:
The real problem of religious faith is the global and geographically situated religious diversity among thinking adults who reasonably disagree with each other. When religions collide it's like meeting one's anti-matter twin.
Then comes the intervention, as Peter Boghossian calls it:
    • Kyle Brockie I have a question John W. Loftus, in light of the ongoing discoveries in QM and their implications, through each new discovery being made, would you change your mind if God seemed to be the best answer for the data? I'm not talking Christianity, I'm talking just theism in general. Would you change your mind if science made it more probable that theism was true?
    • John W. Loftus Kyle, there is no such thing as theism. What you think is theism is a western parochial mental construct that excludes polytheism and panentheism for starters.
    • Kyle Brockie If we must play semantics to get a straight answer, then by all means substitute theism for "affirmation of God"
    • John W. Loftus God is a mental construct as well, depending on where you live and when you were born.
    • John W. Loftus Listen Kyle, read my next book, okay?
    • John W. Loftus You really really fail to see the real problem, really!
    •  Kyle Brockie I will read the book John, you know I will. But you see, you can only view this in this manner if you are presupposing naturalism. It's a biased view
      John W. Loftus I have a bias toward my best friend too, but I didn't always have that bias.
    • Kyle Brockie I asked just a simple question bro, come on man. Just answer my original question.
    • John W. Loftus I know very little about QM. Is that what's required to believe in God? Then tell me why God would require that knowledge, and also why that knowledge wasn't known until the last century?
    • John W. Loftus You really fail to understand what's known as Hume's Stopper. I write about it. It squashes all attempts at natural theology.
  • John W. Loftus Shouldn't Christians be different, better?
  • Kyle Brockie Real Christians should follow the moral code laid out in the foundations of the bible and the teachings of Jesus
  •  John W. Loftus So Kyle, Christians are defined by their obedience to the right moral code?
  • Kyle Brockie Of course. Love God with all your heart mind and soul. Love your neighbor. That's a complex statement and has many meanings that can derive from it.
  • John W. Loftus So do you know how many different moral codes Christians who believe those commandments have?
  • John W. Loftus ...or not. I presume not. That my friend is pure ignorance.