What I'm Doing in My New Book, "How To Defend the Christian Faith"

Here's what I'm attempting to do in How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist:

I hope to hold up to scrutiny how badly budding Christian apologists are trained to defend their faith, and how equally badly they practice their craft once they have been trained. I show would-be apologists what to anticipate before choosing to focus on such a task, how to train properly, where to study, what to study, what issues they should concern themselves with, and how badly those professors who have trained them practice their craft.

It's an expose' of the present state of Christian apologetics. I argue that, so far anyway, apologetics does not convince the reasonable nonbeliever. Perhaps budding apologists can learn from me what mistakes should be avoided and do a better job, even though I think they'll still end up defending the indefensible.

In the process I also hope to show atheists how to effectively deal with the arguments of Christian apologists. Atheists could use this as a manual for arguing against them. It can best be seen as a book filling in the content for what Peter Boghossian has advocated as an intervention by Street Epistemologists based on the Socratic Method.