Whether It’s an Apparition of The Virgin Mary or an Apparition of Bigfoot: What’s the Difference?

Bigfoot  Sighted in North Carolina
Reported in the Citizen-Times:

Tourist claims Bigfoot sighting in Henderson County
“A reader in Henderson County sent in this video showing what he believed to be Sasquatch. Spotted Thursday morning near Hendersonville. Aug. 6, 2015
HENDERSONVILLE – A Boone man vacationing in Henderson County says he spotted – and videoed – what he believes to be a Bigfoot.
You'll have to be the judge on this one. Eric Walters just asks that viewers keep an open mind.

"Either there's a Sasquatch out there or someone is trying to play a practical joke," said Walters, who was walking his dog, Zippy, on Thursday morning when he spotted the creature. Walters said he is renting a cabin on Buck Forest Road with his wife and another couple, and he shot the video on his phone.”  (Henderson County is about 25 miles from my house.)
Fact is, some people are so excited about sighting Bigfoot that You Tube has fourteen posts of this same videoEvidently, this Apparition has also excited the faith (in the Bigfoot community) that it prompted one Creationist posted this comment:     
Steven Patrick: “Amazing.. looks legit. Juvenile bigfoot. Cool! I know they are real because the government shushs everyone up about it. The men who had the dead bigfoot in the freezer years ago had a real one but the government threatened them and swapped the body and made them say it was a fake... think about it.. what police officer would risk ridicule and the employments they have.. they just thought they were doing the rite thing by going public letting people know about this creature.. the government doesnt want us to know because it will dis prove that neanderthal never died off and.. we didnt evolve from apes. We were put here. So the govermnent just puts a silence on the whole topic... people arent crazy there is another species of hominid out here. U people need to wake up!”