If Theism Is Dead, What Then? James Lindsay Responds.

Recently I wrote a blurb for James Lindsay's new book, Everybody Is Wrong About God.I said:
Lindsay correctly argues in this book that theism (or “God”) is dead, even though most people don’t realize it yet, echoing the words of Nietzsche’s madman. Lindsay surprisingly goes on to argue that if theism is dead then so is atheism. For without theism we shouldn’t be atheists either, just human beings living in a post-theistic secular society where the relevancy of theism for our lives is beneath serious consideration. Lindsay calls us to completely rethink both theism and atheism, and he informs us what this means and how we should proceed into the future. This is a very thought provoking book, sure to be controversial. I love it!
Privately though, I emailed him some concerns:
I mentioned you in my book when it comes to ending the philosophy of religion discipline in secular universities. We agree on that. But you take it farther than I do, since you're advocating silence in the face of theistic arguments. Like Nietzsche, you are correct that theism is dead. But look at how long it's taking to die. We do our cause a grave injustice to argue we should not engage philosophy of religion questions about God, or biblical questions about the Bible. The time to be done with these arguments is not here yet. When it arrives we'll know, because very few theists will be arguing their cases any more. It will come naturally. We won't have to argue for it to end.

In the same sense the need for atheists to come together in conferences or organizations to gain more knowledge and/or encouragement and/or to participate in activism is still very much needed. So I see no reason why we as atheist intellectuals should disparage other atheists from these activities. All you have to do is apply Kant's categorical imperative. When you do you'll see that following your advice "now" as you put it, would abdicate our responsibility and cede to the barbarians the ground we have captured in recent years. It would allow theists to run amuck over us.

No offense. We're still on the same team. This is merely a minor quibble...
Just in case others might have similar concerns to mine, Lindsay responds to my email right here. I loved his endorsement of satire, on ending the Philosophy of Religion in secular universities, and on behalf of the Outsider Test for Faith! I hope his book will be debated. It will be a sign he's on to something, which he is!

Other books that deal with a post-religious society include the one by David Eller, Atheism Advanced: Further Thoughts of a Freethinker, and two by Phil Zuckerman, Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment, and Living the Secular Life: New Answers to Old Questions.