My Book Is # 1 in Religious Philosophy Books

There is a Religious Philosophy category of books, and as of today mine is ranked #1.That's not too shabby I suppose. What interests me are the top 100 books in this category. Scroll down through them. Looks like some good books are in the pipeline, and others of interest. Here are four of them having to do with suffering:

John K. Roth, The Failures of Ethics: Confronting the Holocaust, Genocide, and Other Mass Atrocities.Roth has proposed a theodicy of protest in the face of so much suffering. He argues that believers should shame God into doing what is right.

Don Cupitt, Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity.Cupitt is a death of God theologian.

Benjamin W. McCraw and Robert Arp, eds., Philosophical Approaches to the Devil (Routledge Studies in the Philosophy of Religion).*Cough* No comment. ;-)

Trent Dougherty and Justin P. McBrayer, eds., Skeptical Theism: New Essays.This anthology will prove itself to be quite good. One wonders why so much attention is drawn to the problem of suffering. Ahhh, yes, because it's a huge problem for believers in a perfectly good, all-powerful all-knowing God. Which brings me back to my book. In the last chapter I argue the problem of suffering is an empirical refutation of the existence of that kind of God.