What Would The Democratic Presidential Candidates Look Like If They Wore Their Sponsors On Their Sleeves?

Just follow the money (scroll down). The average contribution to the Bernie Sanders campaign is around $30. That's because this is a grassroots movement to revolutionize how politics is done. We aim to make government work for the people. The filthy rich have way too much power. Democracy is about sharing the power. Billionaires with lots of money should not be able to sidetrack the democratic ideals we love for their own self-interests. If we want a democratic America everyone must have equal representation as much as feasible. As it stands, billionaires try to control the election process and in so doing they can nullify hundreds of thousands of votes, and more, by what they do with their money. That's not equal representation. THIS MUST END NOW! If you are tired of the filthy rich manipulating us you must vote for Bernie Sanders.