Where's the Secular/Humanist/Atheist Support for Senator Bernie Sanders?

My temporary goal is to help Senator Bernie Sanders win the Democratic Party's nomination for president of the U.S. When I first approached an important atheist thinker about this goal I was told, "Sanders has a zero chance to be president, zero." Well as you would guess, that didn't discourage me in the least. As I've said, I like those odds! ;-) I like proving the naysayers wrong, AND THEY ARE WRONG!

So let me tell naysayers why I think this is the most important goal we can probably pursue right now, and why more secularists, humanists and atheists should back Bernie's candidacy. After all, we're a strong important voting block that if fully engaged could make this happen. And if we make Sanders the Democratic Party's nomination then people in the middle will have to vote for him in the general election, since the Republicans only have nutcases vying for the same high office. If you read just one post from me on Sanders for President read the rest of this one.

Sanders has already invigorated the millennials along with some conservatives. Wherever he goes there are large crowds. But crowds and popular support are one thing. Where are the intellectuals? Here's one, Robert Reich, who said recently "Bernie Sanders Tells the Truth". Who is Robert Reich? See here.

Intellectuals. Bernie is one of them. He has the respect of intellectuals who disagree with him. Those who know him personally have commented that he's authentic. He has fought for many of the ideals we seek from the beginning. He's also "one of the most effective members of Congress, passing bills, both big and small, that have reshaped American policy on key issues like poverty, the environment and health care." LINK. So he gets things done. And he is raising millions of dollars just from average people, at about $30 per donation. Watch him in action below. He's very passionate, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Massive inequality is the problem which creates very powerful people at the top who can manipulate the masses. Let's put it terms scientists like Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers can appreciate. The Templeton Foundation is probably one of the major reasons people are confused about the science of evolution. It buys the opinions of the researchers they fund. If the Templeton Foundation didn't exist more people would embrace science. It's a corroding influence on the progress of science. In the same way there are billionaires who are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male, and they are
investing the most in presidential politics overwhelmingly lean right, contributing tens of millions of dollars to support Republican candidates who have pledged to pare regulations; cut taxes on income, capital gains and inheritances; and shrink entitlement programs. Source: NY Times.
Bernie is our best hope for a solution to this financial power inequality.

American people overwhelmingly support the separate issues he stands for. He's articulate, and he gets things done. So I would like atheists to come out in force for him. We want to be on the right side of history. Bernie is our earliest hope in history to be on the right side of history. Let's not be derelict in our moral responsibilities. We must do this because it's right. We must do this because we can help him be heard loud and clear by more and more Americans. It could help change the Democratic party for the good. We must do this regardless of any side-benefits we might gain out of this as secularists, humanists and atheists.

That being said, there are at least four very important side-benefits of supporting Bernie.

One side-benefit is that we know that when there is societal health where the needs of people are met, they are less likely to believe in God. Do you understand that? Do you need documentation of it? Here is one essay on poverty that explains it, by Merrill Miller for The Humanist.

Another side-benefit is that when Bernie Sanders takes office, ignorant Christians who opine that atheists desire to recreate a communist nation following the oft quoted examples of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro will be silenced, hopefully forever! The models Bernie holds up as good societal role models are Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Some people have nitpicked at these models precisely because they are different than America. Of course they are! The point is that we need to do more for the American people, even if we cannot do everything they do, and even if there are programs we should not duplicate.

A third potential side-benefit is that this can unite us as secularists, humanists and atheists. I think it should anyway. There is just way too much rancor among us. I don't expect any solutions but I do think we can come together in a united fashion for Bernie's candidacy. Perhaps as we're writing about him we'll not be writing so much about other issues. Maybe it will help create a truce between us as we join together toward one good attainable responsible goal? Most of the things we talk about are non-issues compared to the need to get behind Bernie. Maybe our problem is we forgot what the goal is, a secular state, a humanist state, and non-religious state. Now we have that chance since there is a candidate we can all support.

A fourth side-effect, and this could be highly significant, is that we would prove to be a loosely independent but solid voting block politicians should court. So this is a win/win for us as secularists, humanists and atheists. We cannot lose. I think we must support him publicly and passionately.

If you are as passionate for Bernie for the reasons I offer, then please share this post with secularists, humanists and atheists. Thank you. Thank you very much! If you do this it will help. If you don't it won't. [See Bernie Sanders Tag below].