Announcing the Audio Book of "Why I Became an Atheist"

Yep, my first book published by Prometheus Books is now available on Audible as an audio book. Just click here to get it, or here. This audio book could be a great gift for the growing number of people who drive a distance to work and back, or who are bedridden, or prefer listening to it while sipping on some wine in the afternoon or in the evening just before going to sleep. It could also be used in discussion groups. This book is my magnum opus, that is, my most important work. Directly underneath the cover photo is a play button to hear a sample from narrator Buzz Kemper. That's all I've heard so far myself, and he does a wonderful job, better than I would have done if I had read it. It's published by Pitchstone Publishing, which was founded by Kurt Volkan in 2003, and has published a number of books by important atheists like Ronald Lindsay, Dan Barker, Sean Faircloth, Herb Silverman, Daniel Dennett, Hemant Metha, Peter Boghossian, Phil Torres, James Lindsay, Greta Christina, Ryan T. Cragun, Dan Arel, Amanda Knief, Matthew O’Neil, myself and others. To see the list of books so far click here, and then click on a book to read more. It's an honor to be a Pitchstone published author just as I'm honored to be a Prometheus Books author/editor. Enjoy.