Lance Laven's Brilliantly Stated Deconversion Testimony

Lance Laven is a former minister and Clergy Project member. Using a limited number of words he rationally describes his deconversion. What I like best is that he's being honest in his conception of God. This conception led him to subsequently question the amount of people who would end up in hell, which in turn led him away from his faith. Christians who believe that the Ontological Argument leads to God's existence are in dishonest delusional denial. They should conceive of God in the same way Laven did if they are honest. Instead, they sneak in their own theology when conceiving their God, a theology they could never entertain independently of all sense perceptions, or before experiencing this particular world, or a priori. The God they conceive is a different God than what they are rationally entitled to conceive, if they used the ontological argument correctly. Enough from me. His words are eminently simple and brilliant. Simple is good!

Checkmate Christians!