Ground Rules for Debating a Historical Jesus

1.  Each post will be dedicated to one specific topic.  This topic will stay up until the evidence is presented and dealt with.  Thus, the post comment section will remain open and can be continued as new arguments arise. So as not to conflate two topics, only the subject listed in the post’s title will be discussed.  There will be no set time limit of engagement even if a new topic is started.  This debate should move slowly to allow research to be conducted if needed.  The topics for the post will be opened with the main thesis followed by its focus.  For example:   Facts Used to Support a Historical Jesus:  Josephus 

2.  I expect facts to direct the discussion.  Should a derogatory personal attack be leveled at me or myself at another, than emotions and not facts are driving the debate; not scholarship. While there will be heated disagreements as the debate moves in one direction or the other, respect is the order of the day. 
3.  This debate is driven by Tim O’Neill’s staunch denunciation of my post on Josephus followed by my view on the non-existence of Jesus.  I will expect him to engage me on any point I list under a post’s topic.  If O’Neill fails to show for this debate, then I want a designated spokesperson to engage me.  I would prefer a person who feels positively about Jesus existence than an unsure agnostic type.  
4.  This is not a closed debate.  Should anyone following the debate want to comment either for or against a point being debated under the post’s main subject, than the comment should be kept brief and to the point.  Comments by others will be addressed as time allows by either myself or by my opponent.  To keep order, I can only address so many comments at a time.  Sub-debates among others on the topic are welcomed. 
5.  Your input before the debate is valued.  I don’t want to begin the debate without first receiving comments on the above rules.  I need this discussed now, not after the debate is started.  I want a fair and open discussion, but I don’t want endless revision of the above rules to hold up the debate I have likely over looked something or you might have a suggestion to make the debate even better.  If so please leave your constructive comment below. 
6.  Finally, I hold down a full time job with a family and life apart from DC.  I will try to keep things moving, but if I don't comment for several days, then the debate can continue among others.  This debate is a hobby for me as is anything I post here.  I expect the debate will reflect this as time permits.