Frank Zindler, the Voice of Atheism in America for at Least a Decade

Frank is a good friend of mine. We've spent several weekends together talking and laughing and telling stories. At the age of 76 he's still an indefatigable laborer on behalf of atheism. I've mentioned him several times [See tag]. Here's a picture of us from this past weekend.

Frank was the voice of atheism in America for at least a decade, and he earned the "Mr. Atheist" yearly award twice from American Atheists. Many young atheists and new people to atheism have never heard of him. They should. Ed Suominen, co-author with Robert Price of the book Evolving Out of Eden, wrote up a very nice celebration of Frank's life.

Below you'll watch Frank do a great job of debating William Lane Craig. This debate took place at the Willow Creek Church in 1994. I don't have the words to express my contempt for Jeff Lowder, whose only comment about Frank Zindler, a giant of a man, was that he's one of the worst atheist debaters. WTF? No really, WTF? It took my prodding to keep Lowder honest, since that's apparently a hard thing for him to do if left unchecked, by forcing him to change what he wrote. Now Lowder says this is one of a handful of the "worst atheist debate performances," and that too is nothing but dishonest self-promotion from a non-credentialed wannabe self-proclaimed "philosopher." For apparently we need Lowder to tell us what a bad debate performance looks like because we're just too dumb to think for ourselves. And yet Lowder refuses to say what everyone else but him thinks, that Richard Carrier's debate performance against William Lane Craig was one of the worst atheist debate performances, making Lowder a hypocrite as well.