Libertarianism, Anarchy and Totalitarian Communism Are Morally Bankrupt Views

This is what I think. I can defend what I think. I have lost three personal friends on Facebook because this is what I think. You will not change my mind, not because I'm stubborn or pigheaded, but because I'm right. I can defend it too.

I am a democratic socialist. I have thrown my weight in the corner of Bernie Sanders. I am in the process of becoming a state and a national delegate just so I can cast a historic vote to support Bernie's revolution. Getting Sanders elected might be the single biggest thing we as atheists can do to promote atheism.

However, I cannot argue for so many things at the same time. It would mentally task me more than I'm willing to bear. And yet I am passionate about Bernie Sanders. So what to do? Should I personally make my own arguments on behalf of Bernie Sanders for President, or do I just state my conclusions and link to the Bernie Sanders campaign, who are making them without me? For the most part I've decided to do the latter. I don't plan on arguing for Bernie Sanders. But I wholly support him. Since I regard libertarianism, anarchy and totalitarian communism to all be morally bankrupt, don't waste my time arguing otherwise here at DC. Go somewhere else. I regard these views as akin to creationism. Start your own forum about it if you disagree. This is not going to be up for debate here. Try to turn this site into a debate about these things and I'll ban you. This is John W. Loftus and I approve this message.