My Review of Kirk R. MacGregor's New Book On Luis de Molina

I recently reviewed Kirk R. MacGregor's book, Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge, on Amazon.Judging from a couple of votes, readers don't like it. Here's one thing I wrote:
I find it most interesting that there are a cadre of Christian evangelical philosophers and apologists claiming, as MacGregor does, that Molina "ranks among the foremost philosophical theologians in church history" (p. 15) who was only discovered accidentally by them when Robert Adam's told Avin Plantinga that a good bit of his defense of God in his 1974 book "God, Freedom and Evil" was straight out of Molina. Adams' rejected Molinism as did William Hasker in his 1989 book "God Time, and Foreknowledge." I would think that to say a given theologian "ranks among the foremost philosophical theologians in church history" as MacGregor did, when he's only recently been discovered by evangelicals who think of him this highly is unjustified, since his work was not appreciated by them until 1974. Unless of course, MacGregor is making a prediction of his stature into the distant future, upon which it’s way to early to call that. LINK.
For current debates on Molinism see Ken Perszyk's book, Molinism: The Contemporary Debate.

In other news, another rambling Amazon review of a book of mine by David Marshall is getting way too many up-votes. Huh? Seems as though he's announced it on a Christian forum and they agree it's a good one. He can deny this here if it's otherwise.