Quote of the Day, Giving Christians a Conscious Choice to Make

I've said it before and will say it again, if all you read are Christian defenses of your faith then you're not really interested in the truth. It would be like a Mormon who read nothing but the Book of Mormon, or Mormon defenses of the Mormon faith. It would be like a Muslim who read nothing but the Koran, or Muslim defenses of the Muslim faith. Get the picture? So if you don't read the books recommended by apostates, those of us who have rejected your faith, then you're not interested in the truth. I say this to jolt Christians into making a conscious choice. Either start reading the books we recommend, the ones that led to abandoning our faith, or admit you're really not interested in the truth. See if this might jar a few of them into reading outside the box. My guess is that it will.

Christian, before you complain about granting your particular faith equal time, the only question is whether or not YOU have read our recommended books. Yes or no? You need not complain about anything to us since we answer to our own consciences. Have YOU read our books? It's a question for you and you alone to answer.