"Secular TeeJay" Has a Twitter Following of 13.8K

I don't know exactly how one gets a following that large (I know others have more), but I'm guessing it takes a lot of hard work, or someone with lots of followers to ReTweet your Tweets. We followed each other and I bid my readers to follow him. He told me his deconversion story which I placed below. I ask you, is it much different from a great many others we've heard? Seems like the Bible is the #1 reason people leave the Christian faith. So read the Bible!

When I was 29 years old and read the Bible for the first time, with serious intentions, I only got half way through before I wanted to chuck it across the room in disgust. I was always told that “God is love; the Bible is God’s word” so if I were to read it I should find divine wisdom therein. For anyone whoever cracked open a Bible knows that it demonstrates some of the most asinine, prejudice, reactionary primitives could ever be. Everything the Bible says about the nature of the world in relation to the rest of the universe is wrong, and everything that promotes as the opposite of what we should expect from any sort of transcendent caring being that knows anything at all. I never knew it was possible to question God’s existence, because I’ve always thought it was a conclusively scientific proven fact. Of course that was one of the multitudes of lies fed to me by deceptive, manipulative con men evangelists.

I offered a prayer, and looked at some empty space in my room where the walls met the ceiling and pretended that God would be there when I was talking to him. I offered him an ultimatum; I demanded that God explain or justify the inexcusable atrocities attributed to him in the Bible, or he should excuse himself from them and let me know how the authors and editors of scripture got them all wrong. If he did neither, if he really was the monstrosity that the Bible makes him out to be, then he could not have my soul. I believed in hell at that time and I thought I was damning myself, but I thought that I had to stand on principle. Why would I want to spend eternity with a despicable and indomitable despot? I’d be better off in hell or even better off dead. I remember asking him “can I just die, both body and soul?”

Think about it, every form of eternal afterlife would be an inescapable hell eventually. If the Bible really said “believe or you’re going to hell,” then that would be a pretty strong indication that God is not real. It’s the stick-and-carrot being played out in two extremes; believers get the impossible promise of unimaginable rewards that don’t have to be paid until after you die, while unbelievers are threatened with a fate worse than death. Clearly these are not the mandates of any entity that really exist. These are the demands of manipulating and domineering pretenders trying to make belief. In a sense, I can honestly say that my prayer was answered, because now I know that the Bible was written by ignorant bigoted superstitious savages pretending to speak for God in order to justify their inhumanity against their neighbors. People need to pull their heads out of the volumes of toilet paper between those leather binders and start looking at reality.

Now I know that the Bible doesn’t describe hell like most Christians interpret it. The Christian perspective on hell comes from Dante’s Inferno. There is supposed to be a lake of fire in revelation but that’s not the same thing as hell. Likewise, Jesus is depicted as stomping on unbelievers in a bloody mess, because this is what you should expect from a loving God of infinite wisdom and mercy to do. But then, that’s not the eternal damnation that believers talk about either. Even if there were a Jesus then we are supposed to believe that the gospels were his words and revelation and Timothy were written by someone pretending to speak for Jesus. The Old Testament talks about Sheol which is the underworld of the dead, essentially the same thing as the Greeks. It’s where everyone goes when they die regardless of their deeds in life. There is no subsequent judgement for good or evil. That was adopted from a Zoroastrians but not yet part of Hebrew mythology or rather “theology.” When you die you were just dead, and the wages for sin is death. Belief in Jesus was supposed to bring everlasting life, so it comes down to whether or not you rot or not. The Bible does not imply any sort of eternal damnation such as most Abrahamic theists believe in today.
Used with permission.