"Apologists should be running for cover"

My readers know I'm not a self-promoter of my own works. Yet, I like to promote what others say about them. There's a difference, right? ;-) A new review of my book, How to Defend the Christian Faith, is titled "Apologists should be running for cover." I like that!
Loftus takes on the apologists in their own domain, showing why their arguments are flawed. He speaks very much from the point of view of someone who was, himself, one of them, addressing the (erroneous) criticism frequently leveled against other writers that they lack an understanding of religion and theology...The title of the book is also deliberately provocative; critics would say disingenuous. It isn't intended to help people become apologists, it's a masterful demonstration to those with an open mind of why the apologist position is untenable. LINK.