ephemerol Takes Christianity Down So What's Left For the Philosophy of Religion?

What is this "evidence" of which you speak? Pray, tell, where is this bounteous cornucopia of ignorance masquerading as knowledge?

What do you make of how genetics, geology, archaeology, comparative religions, and even biblical textual criticism contradicts your bible?

1. Genetics falsifies both the Adam&Eve myth and the Noachian flood myth by disproving these population bottlenecks
"Adam and Eve: The Ultimate Standoff Between Science and Faith", Jerry Coyne.

2. Noah's Ark as recounted in the bible has no possibility of being anything more than a story on practical grounds
Moore, Robert A. "The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark." Creation Evolution Journal Vol.4, No.1, Winter, pp 1-43. 1983.

3. The Noachian flood myth as told in the bible is not historical on geological and hydrological grounds
Collins, Lorence G. "Yes, Noah's Flood May Have Happened, But Not Over the Whole Earth." Reports of the NCSE Vol.29, Iss. 5, September-October, pp 38-41. 2009.

4. There's no trace of Israelites having been slaves in Egypt, of the Exodus, 40 years of wandering, of the Canaanite conquest, or of the story of David and Solomon.
"PATTERNS OF POOR RESEARCH — A Critique of Patterns of Evidence: Exodus", Hector Avalos.
"Why David Rohl's Response Fails.", Hector Avalos.
"How Archaeology Disproves Biblical History", Israel Finkelstein.
"Historical problems with the Hebrew Bible and the Conquest of Canaan", Bart D. Ehrman.

Moreover, I do not know why you keep bringing up Jericho. Dame Kathleen Kenyon's excavation in the 1950's, definitive for it's meticulousness, has shown that Jericho was an uninhabited ruin during the window of time a supposed Joshua would have come to conquer it. At the time the walls were supposed to have come tumbling down, the walls were already down. Bryant Wood challenged this in the 1990's and a review of the evidence complete with new radiometric tests conclusively disproved Wood's thesis.
Bryant G. Wood

5. Given the internal textual evidence showing the bible wasn't written when it purports itself to have been written, and the external problems with provenance, chain-of-custody, and canonization vs. the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, why should we accept the bible to be anything other than ancient hearsay? It wouldn't be acceptable in a court of law. The evidence for witches in Salem is much better than the evidence that that for biblical tales. And I haven't even mentioned how miracles disconfirm the bible as anything other than myth.
Forged: Writing in the Name of God-Why the Bible's Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are, Bart D. Ehrman.
Documentary Hypothesis

6. There is nothing original about the jewish or christian religions that is not prefigured in Canaanitic, Edomite, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, and Hellenistic religions. Even your gods "Elohim" and "Yahweh" are gods borrowed from the Edomite and Canaanite pantheons.

7. All the claims you make for your religious text are just special pleading due to the fact that your text is just one among many. All these same claims can be made for i.e. the qur'an or the vedas. Why should we accept your claims, but reject similar competing claims for similar competing books?