New Atheism, Meet Existential Risk Studies!

I just wanted to let denizens of this blog know that I recently published an article in The Humanist about why the "new atheist" movement will only become more important and urgently needed in the future. Below is a paragraph from the article in which I discuss an idea that I've also explored on Debunking Christianity. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome, and I discuss here (curiosity and kindness!). I hope readers enjoy it.

From the article:

New Atheism and its emphasis on the good epistemology of evidence-based reasoning will thus only become more relevant—and urgently important—in the future. Mitigating the influence of religion is, I believe, one of the most important tasks that secularists could pursue in the twenty-first century. This is more than about being on the right side of history, it’s about being on what I like to call the “right side of futurology.” The fact is that we’re no longer children playing with matches, like we’ve been for most of our history—often with devastating results. Rather, we’re children playing with flamethrowers that could easily burn down the whole global village. In the absence of a parental figure to watch over us, our only option is to grow up as a species, as the late Christopher Hitchens liked to say. And this means divesting ourselves of the radical faith-based fantasies that are actively inching us closer to the precipice of disaster.