I'm Seeking More Confirmation Bias Stories

Let's say you're into football as a Cowboy fan. You don't care much at all how other teams do. You just root for the Cowboys. Come Super Bowl time this past year you could care less who won. But someone challenges you to predict the winner. So you study it out. You have no biases that would directly affect a clear-headed judgement. But if your Cowboys were in the Super Bowl it would affect a clear-headed judgment.

There are biases that get in the way of a clear-headed judgement and there are biases that don't. It depends on such things as the issue, how important it is to you, how much of your social network depends on your having the same belief, how long of a prior commitment you have had to your belief, and what the punishments and rewards are for maintaining said belief.

I said I could multiply these examples by the hundreds. So here's where my readers come in. Provide analogies that are directly relevant to believers who need to remove their confirmation bias, as they re-examine their faith for the first time, upon becoming adults. I'll send a free signed copy of my recent book, How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheistto the person getting the most upvotes (within the continental US).