Volume 2 of Chris Rodda's "Liars for Jesus" Is Now Available

I regard Chris Rodda's work in exposing the lies of David Barton and other Christians of his ilk as indispensable in our over-all fight for a sane America. There are many areas of concern we need to be vigilant about. This is one of them. In 2006 Chris Rodda's Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History, Vol. 1 was published. Now the long awaited 2nd volume is out. My readers should be aware of her work. I utilized it in chapter 11 of my book, How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist.
Liars for Jesus debunks many of the historical lies invented and used by the Christian nationalist history revisionists in their efforts to further their far right political agenda and destroy the wall of separation between church and state in America. Liars for Jesus is not a book about religion. It is a history book, setting the record straight by presenting and fully documenting the true stories and historical facts that are distorted in the "Christian nation" pseudo-history of our country.