On the Value of the Philosophy of Religion Compared to Science

My next anthology, Christianity in the Light of Science: Critically Examining the World's Largest Religion, is on schedule to be out late in July as announced. I've tried to make each one of my anthologies as good or better than the one before. Many readers will think this is the best one yet.

If you look at the contributors who wrote the chapters you'll see something interesting. Here are the disciplines represented: 1 psychology, 1 engineer, 1 physicist, 1 theoretical physicist, 1 physics, 2 archaeology, 2 biblical scholar, 1 paranormal detective, 1 biology, 1 geology, 1 astronomy, 1 cognitive science, 2 anthropology, and 1 zoology. There is just one author who has a masters degree in philosophy, Johnathan Pearce, and he is scientifically informed. Seems as though we don't need philosophy of religion to debunk Christianity. Just science along with biblical scholars. Don't think so? Read the blurbs for now! For anyone claiming the authors are actually doing philosophy of religion just because we're reasoning about the evidence, think again. On this issue see my post Professor Keith Parsons On Darwin the Philosopher.