Michael Moore On His New Film "Where to Invade Next"

I've recommended this film before right here. He sent out fundraising email saying you'll get a free DVD of it if you send the progressive MoveOn organization 27 bucks. Here's what he said about his film:
My latest film, "Where to Invade Next," comes out on DVD today!

OK, let me tell you a little about the film—and why I think it's a great fit for MoveOn members like you and me. "Where to Invade Next" is, as one critic pointed out, my “most dangerous and subversive film.”

It’s dangerous because it shows the American public exactly how we can achieve—quite easily—a very decent society. One where we all take care of each other, where there’s true, free and universal health care, and an amazing educational system; a place where no one needs a second job, everyone gets at least a month's paid vacation, all families have paid maternity and sick leave; where the war on drugs is over and the prisons are now half-empty because people got help or were just left to live their lives in peace.

Those places actually exist. Where? The rest of the civilized world!

Americans have been lied to and misled for too long. And I don’t just talk about this—I show you the schools in Finland, the prisons in Norway, the bright and humane factories in Germany (where everyone makes a middle class wage), and the public school lunchroom in France where students are fed a four-course meal. You'll also get to meet the college students in Slovenia who have absolutely no friggin’ idea what a "student loan" is.

This is what makes "Where to Invade Next" so subversive, because if enough of you see this movie, that’s it. Once millions have this information—and inspiration—the game is over. For Wall Street. For the bought-off politicians. For the boss or the dean or the candidate who keeps telling you, "It just can’t be done!" That’s collectively the biggest con ever, and I am here to blow it up once and for all with this movie.

That’s why I so desperately want you to see "Where to Invade Next."

You won't just get my film. You'll be funding the important work of MoveOn, which runs high-impact campaigns on many of the same themes from the film.

Thanks for all of your support through the years. Thanks for your well-wishes over the past months. I’m very happy I got to make this particular movie at this particular moment in history, and I can't wait to share it with you.

All my best,

—Michael Moore

Michael Moore is an Oscar-winning filmmaker, author, and activist. His ninth film, "Where to Invade Next," is out on DVD today.