Raymond D. Bradley's Book "God's Gravediggers" is Fantastic

Raymond D. Bradley's book "God's Gravediggers: Why No Deity Exists", is a fantastic philosophical work showing what many of us already knew, that there is about a zero chance for any deity's existence. Bradley, Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, former head of Philosophy Dept, University of Auckland, and now retired and living in New Zealand, tells us of God's gravediggers. Who are they? Bradley forcefully argues that they are logic, science and morality. For there is no good reason, no good evidence and no goodness itself in believing in God.

But wait? Haven't we heard of God's death before, from Nietzsche and many others? And isn't he/she/it still alive as a concept in the minds of millions of believers? Yes. But he's really dead. Believers just don't know it yet. As I will argue in my upcoming book, Unapologetic: Why Philosophy of Religion Must End, just like Norm Bates in the Hitchcock thriller Psycho, who continued believing his mother was still alive when she was dead, so also believers have propped up a dead God upstairs in a rocking chair and believe he's alive and talks to them too. I say good riddance.

This book of Bradley's is one I compare to the late Michael Martin's book, "The Case Against Christianity" (1995). I highly recommend them both, although I prefer "God's Gravedigger" since Bradley shares his own personal journey in it, and since he interacts with current literature. LINK.