The Top Fifty Humanist/Atheist Books

There are many humanists and atheists working on behalf of reason and science that most of us will never hear about. When at the Reason Rally I was invited to a Humanist celebration hosted by Ellen Sutliff at a yacht club in Washington, DC. She is the President of Humanists & Freethinkers of New Bern, NC. She was a sheer delight. When Ellen learned I was the author of Why I Became an Atheist she told me something pretty cool. Her group went through a list of humanist/atheist authors and chose the top 50 books to donate to the Craven Community College Library in New Bern, NC. Among the best of the best they chose my book as one of them! You can see the list alphabetized below. It's very impressive. I was very happy to learn mine was one of them.

Okay okay, 52 books. It's a great list nonetheless!