A Blurb From Phil Torres for My Book "Unapologetic"

While I said a few things that hadn't been said the way I did, I didn't expect this high praise:
Unapologetic is a wonderfully entertaining read. With masterful erudition, John Loftus presents a compelling case for why the philosophy of religion contains nothing but sophistry and illusion and should, therefore, be committed to the flames. It has no more right to exist than the philosophy of fairies, or the study of Superman. One might be skeptical of this claim—as I was before starting the book—but the arguments are so well-crafted and persuasive that I bet you’ll walk away nodding your head in agreement. Of Loftus’ many critiques of Christianity, this is the best yet. I highly recommend it to anyone with a fondness for great writing and the truth!
--Phil Torres is the author of The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us About the Apocalypse and founder of the X-Risks Institute.