From David Eller's Foreword to My Upcoming book, "Unapologetic":

John Loftus is philosophy of religion’s—or what we would both probably prefer to call “Christian philosophy’s”—worst nightmare. He was inside in the whole bankrupt enterprise, earning a Master of Theology degree and studying toward a PhD under august teachers like William Lane Craig. He has moved from insider to outsider, even punishing theology with his “outsider test for faith.” He has written or edited powerful texts on the failings of Christianity and theism more generally, using philosophy of religion’s own tools against it. This new book, in honor of the recent decision of British voters to secede from the European Union, we might dub his Apologexit....what parades as philosophy of religion today is a dismal and embarrassing abdication of intellectual discipline. No other scholarly field falls as short of its calling, and no one is more qualified than that turncoat Loftus to induce philosophers of religion to snap out of their dogmatic slumber or else shut the whole business down. LINK.
Eller is the author of the critically acclaimed textbook, Introducing Anthropology of Religion: Culture to the Ultimate.