The Outsider Test for Faith in Action

Hoosiers have their religions. I met this girl at the annual Fort Wayne Three Rivers Festival yesterday, with some extra time to waste as I waited for a concert to begin. She said God told her to preach on the sidewalk to us. How did she know this? By faith. I noticed she brought throat lozenges and had just put one in her mouth. So I asked her whether she brought them because she reasoned they might be needed, or if God told her to bring them. At what point is reason called for as opposed to faith? I said I used to do what she's doing, then I challenged her with a few things and left.

I just happened to enter a food tent and noticed several different religions represented. So I went around and took pictures of these people. Then I took the pictures to her and asked what's the difference between them and her. Faith doesn't help us know the truth I said. She proceeded to quote John 14:6 to me and I finished it for her. Then I asked her to name a few popular book chapter and verses and I would quote them to her. I had memorized a great many of them and said I probably only remember the most popular ones now. She started down the Romans Road of evangelism. I could still quote a few of them correctly. I told her I was a former preacher and was ordained by a church in Fort Wayne. Of course, we extended our conversation at that point, and I left again, handing her my card

I returned another time, waited until she acknowledged me, then I asked if she needed some water. She politely said no. She said her husband just brought her some. I sincerely said her voice was sounding hoarse, and left.

I returned one last time, waited till she acknowledged me, and handed her a "Sikh Faith" pamphlet. She smiled and said thank you. I got a smile out of her. I consider that a victory! Pictures are below (sorry about the poor quality):



Spanish speaking Assemblies of God

Tibetan Monk, I presume.


Sikh Faith.