Michael Brown Debates Bart Ehrman On the Bible and Suffering

As mentioned by Hemant Mehta today, this debate took place in 2010. Apparently it was just released. It’s a debate between Brown and Ehrman on "Does the Bible provide an adequate answer to the problem of suffering?" Quick answer? No! Hell No! It was written in a barbaric era where God-concepts were modeled on what they knew about their kings. No one expected kings to be kind and humble or even good. They were sometimes cruel and vindictive. In the tale of Job we find the lead character complaining about his suffering. He could not find a reasonable answer for it. Yet his god-king basically told him to shut up and believe despite the evidence. What secret knowledge did Michael Brown receive that Job didn't receive, even though Job actually talked with God? *wink* Again, God said Job should trust him despite the evidence. Or, to personalize it, "trust me despite the evidence!" This cannot be an adequate answer to suffering unless you're a dolt. See below:

No, I have better things to do than watch to this debate, since it's based on too much ignorance of the Bible on Brown's part. It's astounding to me this debate even took place given the ignorance it's based on. But I do understand its value. The only things worthy to watch would be what Ehrman says in it. Watching Brown would be too frustrating for me.