On Reviews of My Book Unapologetic

According to this review my book Unapologetic: Why Philosophy of Religion Must End is an "mandatory/essential read for people interested in the issues it addresses! I've copied it below for your convenience. There's more to my book than merely calling for atheist philosophers to end their own discipline. It's also a manual for teaching readers how to effectively deal with religion and other faith-based paranormal claims.

I expected some bad book reviews since my target is the philosophy of religion. What I didn't expect are utterly unfair reviews by people who should know better, who are destroying their own credibility in writing them. So far they nitpick at it rather than deal with its focus--one reviewer doesn't even tell readers what I'm doing in it, basically leaving them clueless. In any case, these two posts of mine effectively answer the bad reviews I've seen so far: 1) On The Value of Philosophy and Definitional Apologetics; 2) Isn't it inconsistent to criticize the legitimacy of Philosophy of Religion?
While I would not broadly recommend this book, for the intended audience it approaches a mandatory read. Specifically this is a narrowly-focused work intended for those with serious backgrounds in the philosophy of religion, or philosophy-focused students of theology. AND, more specifically for students of those sub-fields who may be questioning the basis of their studies. So, not for everyone, but if you find those topics interesting, Loftus' view is an essential read. Unlike his most of his published books, this does not feature a collection of authors, but is Loftus writing of his own viewpoint into this very interesting and hotly debated subject. --Jc