Why Have I Been Unusually Quiet Lately?

Three things happened in my life about the same time that explain why I've been unusually quiet these last few months. The first was Trump being elected as my President. Ugh! What a setback that was for the United States and world at large. All of our/my efforts as a liberal active Democrat in my state of Indiana were dashed for the foreseeable future (perhaps eight years?), with the potential rise of my former governor Mike Pence as the next President. Double Ugh! A certain amount of fatigue set in. Was the work worth it? Why bother?

The second was the publication of my book Unapologetic. This book is my tenth one. This meme to the right was made by Dr. David Madison from that book. I may write/edit other books, but I have no strong desire to do so right now, and to be frank, I don't think this will change anytime soon. For the first time in ten years I have no book in the works, and it feels good! Because of this I write less here at DC, since I used this blog as a way of testing ideas. I feel it's time to relax and enjoy life much more. I have a body of work out there, and it's pretty good. It has lasting value for which I am very happy.

The third thing is a person. Her name is Sheila. I am captivated by her, photos below. I'm not so superficial as to think looks are all that matter, but she's a good looking woman. She's also a witty smart successful professional and mother who loves me more than I deserve. I'm going to do everything I can to keep her, and I think I can. She's also a Christian (of sorts) who goes to an evangelical church. I've attended three times so far, where I hear pop-psychology as if it's something to be found in the Bible, which it isn't. So for anyone out there who thinks I treat Christians badly realize that the most significant person in my life is a Christian (of sorts). In fact, almost all of my friends are Christians.