How One Atheist Group is Using My Books

Aaron Lietz and Jason Blair recently contacted me on behalf of the San Diego Coalition of Reason (which is under the United Coalition of Reason). They had a unique request concerning my anthology, The Christian Delusion. They contacted me with it, via email:
The reason for the email is that many in our group absolutely loved reading your book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails and we would like to purchase copies of that book in bulk (if possible) in order to give them away (for free) to professing Christians we speak with each week. Would this be possible? If so, would we be able to get a bulk discount and/or cost rate on them?

Naturally, this group venture is solely for charity. We will not be reselling the books whatsoever and will only be giving copies away (completely free) to folks we speak with who will commit to reading it. If you could let us know as soon as possible that would be excellent.

Thank you for all the work you do and let's chat soon.
This was fantastic news! Plus, what an honor! I had hoped something like this would happen, and it did. For as it turned out my publisher gave them a very nice discount for their order of 30 books (the size of the discount depends on the number of copies ordered). As far as I know their books are on the way. I'm highlighting what they're doing because I think they're serious about changing the religious landscape. Good on them. That's all I've cared about myself. I'll keep you informed if there's anything more to report. I want other groups to consider doing the same thing. Over and over! And over again!