The DC Debunking Christianity Team Is the Best!

If you aren't reading the comments here at DC you're missing out on some superior thoughts and arguments by people who comment. I've said this before. See for yourselves then join them! Take a look at the three most recent comments (as of this writing):

Here's Zeta kraut on the Hebrews being asked by their god to slaughter the Canaanites so they could take their land away from them:
Since coveting the land of others is supposedly a no-no for the ancient Israelites, what better excuse is there to claim that their god gave the land to them? Why is it that an omnipotent god who could simply speak into existence trillions and trillions of celestial bodies in less than a day could not create a piece of new land for his "Chosen People" instead of exterminating the Canaanites? It is very obvious that this is simply fabricated history arising from wishful thinking.

I also find the racist concept of "Chosen People" obnoxious. Maybe Yahweh had no choice because he was assigned by a higher god (Deuteronomy 32:8-9) to take charge of the ancient Israelites?

Here's Sir_Russ on the news that a Royal commission revealed the scale of child sexual abuse in the Anglican Church: There were more than 1,100 complaints made over 35 years against clergy.
Christians want us to think the god-thing they imagine is trustworthy even though we can see that nothing fails like the prayers they pray to their god-thing. Christians also want us to accept that they are themselves trustworthy due to their believing even though we can observe moral exemplars violating people's trust all the time.

And, why should I trust Christians when they don't trust each other? Catholics believe things other Christians don't and the others are glad to respond in kind. Why would I pretend Christians have something true, and therefore worthy of trust, when there is no point of belief, doctrine or practice that all Christianities share?

Regarding your comment, why would I trust anyone who would violate the vulnerability and trust of infancy by literally throwing babies down the toilet? If Christians can't be trusted to tend to the most vulnerable and trusting of us, they do not deserve our trust in anything else.
Here's Gary M on the so-called fulfilled prophecies in the OT:
The experts don't seem to be impressed with the accuracy of the prophecies in either the Jewish or Christian holy books. If they were, we would find the following statement somewhere in public university world history textbooks and on the internet:

"Historians of all backgrounds are shocked by the amazing accuracy of the prophecies in both the Jewish and Christian Bibles which so accurately predicted future events."

You won't find this statement anywhere, Don. Why? You seem like an intelligent man. If biblical prophecies are as accurate as you and most conservative Christians believe they are, why don't most experts see this?

Lastly, in order for you to prove that Yahweh is who you say he is, you must prove that ALL biblical prophecies have been fulfilled. Proving that one has been fulfilled is not sufficient. One fulfilled prophecy could be just a one in a million stroke of luck. However, I can prove Yahweh is NOT who and what he say he is with just one FAILED prophecy!

The prophet Ezekiel predicted that Nebuchadnezzar would destroy the city of Tyre. Guess what? He didn't! He spared the city. Alexander the Great destroyed the city four hundred years later, but that was NOT the prophecy.

Yahweh blew it. Yahweh made a mistake. Yahweh is not perfect. Yahweh, therefore, is not the perfect god he says he is. To me, that is evidence that Yahweh does not exist. To me, that is evidence that Yahweh is a man-made invention.