"My modernized compassionate God is the true deity. Christians are to blame for the wrong done in his name."

I edited a huge book of 558 pages attacking such nonsense, called, Christianity is Not Great. In an announcement I made when it went to print you can see the chapter titles and authors. Below you can see a few recommendations/blurbs:

“From the day I stumbled across "Why I Became an Atheist," I have been a fan of John Loftus and his books. One of his strengths as a writer and editor is his desire to raise as many issues as possible for readers to consider. This new anthology is another excellent example of that. As a Christian, I disagree with the overall conclusions of the many well-qualified contributors, but I cannot ignore the significant theological, historical, and social problems they raise. Christians who consider themselves to be intelligent thinkers about matters of faith need to read this book, examine the evidence for themselves, and consider the implications for Christianity.” —DAN LAMBERT, Associate Professor of Education, Tiffin University.

“John Loftus knows from the inside what’s wrong with Christianity. Few people are better qualified to explain to those still in its clutches why they’d do well to leave, and he has assembled a fine team of colleagues to assist him in doing so. This book should convert a high proportion of those with the courage to read it.” —RICHARD DAWKINS

“Americans are constantly told to believe that faith is a virtue, even when evidence of the opposite surrounds us all the time. In Christianity Is Not Great, John Loftus and his panel of experts explore evidence of that in a variety of areas: politics, science, morality, and more. Loftus teaches us that the problem isn't just a fringe group of religious people; the problem is faith itself. And the sooner we can break free from its grasp, the more enlightened and fulfilling our lives will be.” —HEMANT MEHTA, editor of FriendlyAtheist.com

"A compendium of the world’s most iconic freethinkers and science writers at their finest. This may very well be John’s most celebrated work—which is saying a great deal indeed.” —DAVID MILLS, author of Atheist Universe

“Rich food for thought, not only for evangelical apologists and conservative believers, but also for those for whom faith is failing or has already failed.” —GRAHAM OPPY, professor of philosophy, Monash University, author of Arguing about Gods.