Christians Don't Believe Their Own Bible, The Key Question Revealed.

Christians don't believe their own Bible. If they did they would agree with these Flat Earth Society idiots who claim they have "members all around the globe."

--Kyle Huitt: Wait, what makes you think that the Bible asserts the factual claim that the earth is flat, John?
--John W. Loftus: Kyle, what makes you interpret the Bible based on modern science rather than according to the times it was written? This is the key question.
--Kyle: John how can you question my interpretation when you haven't even brought up a passage that we are interpreting?
--John: Kyle, being disingenuous, eh? Typical Christian. I made an assertion about what the Bible says. Do you deny it or not?

--Kyle: I'm inviting you to support your assertion by asking a simple question. I haven't even implied you're wrong. I just want to know why you think what you do.
--John: Kyle, you said, and I quote: "how can you question my interpretation"? So, you deny it? Why? You tell me.
--John: Why don't you do what scholars should do with an ancient text of any kind? Listen to Jon D. Levenson, Professor at Harvard Divinity School in the Department of Near Eastern Studies and Civilizations, who offered a great definition of what scholars do. They “are prepared to interpret the text against their own preferences and traditions, in the interest of intellectual honesty.” See page 3 of his book "The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son." Your preference is to see the Bible as the Word of God rather than interpreting the Biblical texts honesty in their historical context as a part of Mesopotamian beliefs. We must discuss this before we look at the texts.

Below is a good depiction of what ancient Mesopotamian people believed, along with our final comments. For a detailed analysis see Edward Babinski's chapter 5 in my anthology, The Christian Delusion.

--Kyle: Are you really trying to sell me your book rather than answer my question? This shouldn't be that hard of a question to answer so I don't see why you're dodging it?
--John: *Sheesh* It's the best chapter on the subject. If you don't have access to a library, or only want short comments that attempt to reinvent the wheel one person at a time (who's next?), or aren't interested in the issue then don't bother. But then, why did you respond at all?
--Kyle: You know what, you're right. Writing one chapter must have taken a lot out of you, and I can't possibly expect you to maintain rational discourse about a topic after you wrote an *entire* chapter on it. I like this strategy though. I'm just going to go write books about all things controversial then refuse conversation with those who want to have a dialogue with me about it because I just so happen to already have written on the subject, and life is too short to think about the same thing twice. Forgive me.
--John: You're forgiven. You know not what you do.