Victor Reppert asked what it would take for his god to convince us

OK you tell God (just in case he exists) what it would take for him to give you sufficient evidence of his existence, so that you would be on your knees at your local church this Sunday. The stipulation here is that he has to use evidence to get you there, so he can't just fix your brain and make you a believer. We know an omnipotent being can do that. But what you would be asking him to do would be to give you sufficient evidence of his existence.

Victor Reppert, if God is omniscient, why doesn't God know exactly what evidence will convince me?

I can answer with complete certainty that no omniscient omnipotent being has provided me convincing evidence of its existence. So if you think I'll suffer eternally for being abandoned this way, well, that rules out omni-benevolence too.

Notice in Victor's comment the implicit assumption that once his god's existence is proven...then he'd be "on (his) knees at your local church this Sunday." Completely ignoring that verifying the existence of something, and then agreeing that it's worthy of worship, and then actually worshipping it - are all separate things.

If a god were to prove it were real, that's fine as far as it goes. I'd agree it was real. But all the work regarding realty and worship would be ahead of it. An advanced alien civilization could, in theory, have god-like intelligence and abilities from my perspective. But why the hell would I feel the need to worship them? I wouldn't. The fact that the theist's mind goes immediately from knowledge of existence directly to worship says a lot about them.
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