Dr. Zingrone On The Continued Rise of the Irreligious and What it Means

Dr. William A. Zingrone expertly comments on the continued rise of the irreligious in a recent post for D.O.N.E (Defenders of the New Enlightenment). This is welcome news despite the rise of the Trumpster's "deplorables". Here's a teaser:
In but 40 years, the mid-70’s to today, the number of US folks identifying as “white Xian” has been nearly cut in half from 82% (the vast majority) to 43%...And its not just that church-goers aren’t predominantly white anymore, it is the number of “Nones” (no religious affiliation) that has increased to a quarter of the US population. There are now significantly less churchgoers, not just white ones, the Nones now being larger than either US Catholics (down to 21% from 25% in the 70’s) or White Evangelical Protestants (down to 16%).

Nones. 25% of the US population, and now 38% of the 18-30 year olds...Let that sink in. The irreligious, in America are bigger than the Catholics or Evangelicals. It doesn’t seem like it, does it? LINK.